Automated gait training with LYRA®


Automated gait training with LYRA®


How does automated Gait Therapy with LYRA® work, and why?

Gait training with LYRA® is very intense – much more so than conventional gait training or treadmill training. Due to LYRA®’s physiological gait pattern and the adjustable body-weight-support, the number of repetitions per therapy session can be increased 10-20-fold. Research indicates that this is by far the most decisive factor in gait rehabilitation.

With LYRA®, the patients walking pattern is activated by electromechanical footplates mimicking the natural motion of walking. In a vast number of clinical trials, this so-called end-effector-principle has outperformed any other method of training.


Who benefits from Gait Therapy with LYRA®?

Many common neurological conditions are suitable indications for automated gait training, such as

  • Stroke
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Morbus Parkinson

Furthermore, LYRA® is suitable for geriatric patients with a walking impairment and patients recovering from orthopedic surgery.


What can I expect from training with LYRA®?

Your personal expectations and objectives are best discussed with your doctor and/or therapist. The following goals are merely a selection of commonly pursued outcomes in gait rehabilitation:

Restore ability to walk independently
Increase gait speed
Improve gait pattern
Enhance muscle strength
Improve endurance
Improve posture
Circulation, metabolism, mobility


How much does Automated Gait Therapy with LYRA® cost?

A training session with LYRA® costs depending on the duration, intensity and care between € 35 and € 50.


Would you like to know more or schedule a trial with LYRA®?

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