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Neuropsychological Diagnostic and therapy


Neuropsychological Diagnostic and therapy


Neuropsychological Diagnostic and therapy

The neuropsychological therapy is based on the full evaluation of the patient’s cognitive and perceptual capacity (including attention, verbal, figural and working memory, visuo-spatial functions, etc..) using computerized assessments. After that the neuropsychologists apply specific treatment through regular computerized training programs and compensatory strategies, aiming at the restoration of the daily and professional life performance. Neuropsychological therapy plays also an important role in Return to work preparation.

Our psychologists can offer counseling and apply stress management therapy and special techniques to reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms and to fight insomnia. Relaxing treatment techniques, which help dealing with private and occupational stress as part of a rehabilitation program for reentering professional life, can be taught and repeatedly partitioned, as for example progressive muscular relaxation (PMR) or autogenic training (AT), as well as Qigong and Tai chi.

The NRK Aachen Rehabilitation Center is proud to be the only Center in German-speaking countries that has the ability to diagnose and treat mental, neuropsychological and psychosomatic disorders also in Arabic language.

Psychotherapy can be implemented in the NRK Aachen in English or in Arabic language.


Complex Pain management:

Incl. acupuncture, individual analgesia, psychological pain management, physical therapies